Since establishment, we have been producing and providing safe and unique product lines for the Japanese market.
Specifically concerning juvenile products, we develop and manufacture innovative items by adapting to changes in infant care trends.
We also actively import quality products from the US and Europe, and ensure that they meet the Japanese safety standards at our private factories in two different locations.

Furthermore, we develop collaborative items partnering with large apparel brands, as well as working on numerous OEM projects. Our mission is to provide “safe and reliable products made in Japan,” and with advantages of our flexible private factories, we are able to achieve “small quantity manufacturing” and “speedy delivery” for our clients.

“Made in the world” is our motto. We hope to continue being a firm that creates innovative products, think outside the box, input our global perspective, and advance to new challenges.

August, 2012

Makoto Yagisawa,

Managing Director

Eightex Incorporated