Q. What is the difference between the new “5 manieres Préle” and “cinq manieres gemme”?
A.5 manieres Préle obtained SG certification from the renewed standards, allowing you to carry the baby in vertical position before the head is stable. Outer fabrics are part cotton for better texture, and the lining fabric quickly absorbs & dries sweat for increased comfort.

Q.I lost my Instruction manual– can I get a hold of one?
A.We regret to inform you that we do not have an instruction manual in foreign languages. You can however obtain a Japanese version from the “取扱説明書ページ” Items that are not listed on the Instruction manual page are older models that are no longer in production. For your safety, please refrain from using the product.
Q.Which carrier can be used from newborns and can be used the longest?
A.We recommend the cinq manieres gemme and 5 manieres Préle, both in which can be used in 5 different carrying positions, including cradle position and piggyback. We also recommend Coalatte, (3 WAY baby carrier) a waist supported carrier that can be used in the cradle position as well.

Q.I often get shoulder pain. Which carrier has the least amount of pressure on my shoulders?
A.We recommend moddad, a carrier that disperses pressure among cushioned shoulder pads and the waist pad.
Q.My baby is mostly in the stroller, but which carrier is the fastest and easiest to put on when the baby needs me?
A.Light and compact Carry free items are recommended. Options include front carry, which is supported on both shoulders, and side carry, which is supported on one shoulder and your waist.
Q. I am looking for a baby carrier that can be used by dads.
A.All of our products are unisex, and may be used by both moms and dads. (Products were monitored on male 180 cm in height, weighing 75 kgs.)
Q.I am currently using eightex baby carrier and the buckle cracked.
Can I have them repaired?
A.We would first need to inspect them to see if they are repairable, so please send them to us. (We do not accept freight collect packages)
Q. I lost my pillow for 5 manieres Préle; can I purchase one separately?
A.These are available for purchase. Please send us your address and contact information through our contact us page.
Q.Can I wash them?
A.Yes, they can be hand-washed. Please do not use the washing machine or the dryer to prevent damaging the buckles and other parts of the carrier.
Q.Where can I purchase eightex products?
A. It would depend on the item, so please let us know the product you are interested in along with the area you live in, and send through our CONTACT page. Items can also be purchased at our online shop.
Q.Can I purchase your products abroad?
A.We do not ship abroad, but eightex products are available through our distributors in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and China. Click here for more details.
Q. The attachment clip for my SHADAN Cape broke; can you repair them?
A. We would first need to inspect them and see if they can be repaired. Please contact us first, and then send us your product after checking in. (We do not accept collect delivery)
For inquiries on repair time and costs, please call us or send us your questions through our contact us page.